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The business directory grows some more. Today we are pleased to add ASAP Serve, LLC to our Phoenix business directory.

ASAP Serve, LLC works in a different way than a lot of Phoenix AZ process serving companies. ASAP Serve will work skillfully to make sure every job is finished swiftly and properly the first time through. They collaborate process serving to your specific requirements and can serve numerous locations within the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ area at the very same time. When you call to examine the status of your serve, they will certainly either understand right away what the status is or have the ability to call or email back in a very short period of time to update you.

ASAP Serve, LLC process servers serve all legal files in the Pinal and Maricopa Counties. To hire them for your next service of process or for delivering your legal papers to whomever necessary, call them today at (480) 821-1552 or visit their website to hire them directly at

What does a Phoenix AZ process server do?

The initial step in understanding the idea of service of process in Phoenix, AZ is to understand the legal significance of the word “process”. In its broadest sense, “process” is the very same with “continuing” and includes a legal proceeding from beginning to end. Made use of in a narrow strict sense, the word “process” refers to the technique by which the courts force obedience to its needs. The most including meaning of judicial “process” describes all writs, warrants, summonses, and orders of courts of justice or judicial officers.

In addition, “process” as specified by the codes is synonymous to a writ or summons issued by the courts in the course of a judicial case of either a criminal or civil nature. A “summons” is the procedure by which a court obtains individual jurisdiction over a defendant in a civil action.

What legal documents do process servers in Phoenix serve?

Legal papers which must be served come in numerous varieties, including, however not limited to summonses, subpoenas duces tecum, subpoenas ad testificandum, orders, writs, grievances, judgments and affidavits. In a hectic legal market, the vast number of cases going on at any one time will certainly keep hundreds and even countless devoted Phoenix process servers busy full-time. Being that detectives are out in the field day-to-day anyhow and frequently see the very same government entities, physicians offices and municipal firms regularly, serving papers to these recipients is an excellent way to take full advantage of effectiveness and spread billing across a number of cases, supplying much better value to each client, while getting the case work completed quickly. Personal investigators who can likewise serve process serve a win/win circumstance for customer and investigator alike.

In basic, in order for a Summons and Grievance to be considered correctly served, the process server should confirm that the recipient is a qualified agent for acceptance of service for the called defendant. When the entity being served is a company or corporation, their agent for service of process is determined in their papers of incorporation submitted with the appropriate state office. In instances where the offender is a specific, service should happen to the called accused. Numerous jurisdictions will certainly allow substitutions of service. In cases such as these, the Summons and Grievance may be thought about appropriately served if they are left with a person of “appropriate age” living at the household of the defendant.

The individual being served with legal documents in Arizona must be identify themselves

In all cases, the recipient of service must recognize himself or herself to the process server and acknowledge receipt of the Summons and Problem. It would be considered inappropriate for a process server to leave these documents at the house, without receiving personal confirmation that a suitable agent had actually accepted them.

Among the main reasons you must just hire a trustworthy expert for process serving connects to evasion. While it isn’t constantly the case, sometimes individuals you have to serve will want to avert the process. They know you are trying service, and they could do anything and everything possible to prevent completion of the process.

Hire a professional legal document server like ASAP Serve, LLC

You risk squandering valuable time and cash if you rely on a non-professional Phoenix procedure server. An expert server is experienced with the wide range of methods a person might attempt to avert service. They understand what the tell-tale indicators of evasion resemble, and they know how finest to deal with them.

Working with a process server doesn’t have to be a tiresome task, however it is essential to make use of a seasoned and respectable firm. Doing your own due diligence is necessary so that things go efficiently and the correct evidence of service from a Phoenix process server is acquired.

G & S Electricians Phoenix AZ

We are pleased to announce that G & S Electric has joined Shenae’s Business Directory. They are regarded as one of the best electrical contractors in Phoenix, Arizona. All of their expert staff are insured, background checked and drug tested. Their services include:

  • Commercial electrical maintenance
  • Industrial electrical service
  • Solar installation

Give them a call today at (602) 493-1135 or visit their site at

Finding a great Phoenix AZ Electrical Contractor starts and ends with G & S Electric

Living without electrical power has actually become almost an impossible part of everyday life. Life without it basically seems excruciating to every one of us, starting from the lack of lights all the way to being able to using cleaning machines and clothes dryers. So when we experience as much as a five minute outage we end up being agitated. If the source of the outage is not internal, however it is connected to the electricity utility for your home or business, then we can only await the specialists to do their job and if it is internal, that is the issue develops just in our house, then we have to call forth the reinforcement, in the shape of a highly skilled Phoenix electrician.

It is of crucial importance to have an electrician on board when something major occurs, as you would not need to search for the one in panic. An excellent helpful electrical contractor is tough to discover in the typical circumstances let alone when you are running heedlessly around trying everything possible to deal with the electrical issue. Hence, you should consult with your friends, family or co-workers if they have someone they can recommend who has a great deal of good testimonials and an appropriate license. This whole search ought to be done without any pressure to fix some electrical trouble so you can switch on that microwave or even do the laundry.

Two groups of electricians in Arizona

Electricians are typically divided into 2 groups. The very first group is the one in charge of electrical systems for new construction. The other is for maintenance, repairs and upgrades of these systems that are installed.

Trained and qualified

Electricians require to pass specific training prior to being licensed as a qualified electrician. Most states like Arizona have regulations when it comes to the electrician profession due to the safety problems surrounding the nature of their job.

Installation pros

Expert electricians play a vital function in installing all the needed electrical equipment in offices, markets and homes. Undoubtedly, without the required electrical devices or equipment, the market would not be in a position to operate efficiently. Whenever new tools are acquired to improve the system of manufacturing or service of the business, the electrician plays a crucial duty in installing the equipment.

Phoenix commercial electrical contractors need to stay on top of the latest technology

Construction electricians will certainly require to have wide range of skills to succeed. An electrical professional will be responsible for repairing, screening, and taking care of already set up electrical systems. People that have a careful eye for details, have good work ethics, and responsible quick judgment like G & S Electric Inc. will certainly be the electricians that can help you with your issues.

You can discover a lot of electricians providing their services for prices you can afford; nevertheless that does not ensure that you would not end up paying more for emergency repairs due to defective circuitry. Hiring certified industrial Phoenix electricians like G & S Electric Inc. will certainly not only assist you in saving cash in the long run, they will also make you feel safe inside your house at all times.


Shenae’s Business Directory would like to welcome Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. We are pleased to have their Phoenix AZ SEO Consulting agency to our list of businesses in our directory. Located in Gilbert, AZ they are one of the top online marketing firms in the valley with other services that include website design and social media marketing. Check out their site at or find out more by watching the video below, watching it at this link or even calling them at 480-630-0104.

What the heck is SEO and how can it help my Phoenix business?

When you utilize Google (or any other search engine) to search for a term, have you ever questioned how the web sites in the very first search results page got there, when there are most likely thousands or hundreds of thousands of other competing web sites which match your search term? Simply, it is a marketing approach that is being used to enhance the ranking of a web site in search engines.

Some of those sites (such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Microsoft) got to the very first search results page without much help from Search Engine Optimization because, their brand name names are adequately famous and aged to get them ranked in the very first page. The other internet sites count on Search Engine Optimization to get them to the very first or second search results page. You might wonder why Search Engine Optimization is so important for your Phoenix, AZ business. Well, users seldom surpass the very first few search result pages when looking for a term. When was the last time you clicked on the fifteenth search results page? If you did, you must be really desperate.

Search Engine Optimization can be less expensive than other marketing in Arizona

The entire point of any site’s presence is to reach an optimal number of individuals and get a huge quantity of traffic. And, this is even more critical for any business which depends on their site for leads. Nearly everyone who uses the internet understands that Google is the leading online search engine for many web users. The fact is that, Google’s online search engine accounts for a large share of the web traffic pie. This correlates to the truth that any website that ranks greater on online search engine – specifically Google – will get a huge piece of this pie. Not just is this traffic huge in terms of numbers however it is also less expensive as compared to conventional mediums in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ such as radio, tv or print ads.

SEO services are utilized by businesses to enhance their SERP (search engine result pages) positions. Not only do these positions increase traffic to the website, they can also assist with finding other company projects. The impact that Search Engine Optimization has had for companies can be large, consisting of an increase in traffic along with a boost in sales.

The SEO Consultants at Coronation Internet Marketing in Phoenix, AZ can get you more traffic

Individuals, as well as businesses, are making use of these services to promote their products and services online. It works for individuals, small businesses and big businesses. It can even help small businesses compete with the much larger ones.

Having a site that is friendly to search engines helps you reach your target audience and turn site visitors into long-term consumers. Investing in a great company like Coronation Internet Marketing in Phoenix that specializes in SEO will benefit your website by enhancing sales and enhancing traffic in as little as a three months, or less.

phoenix arizona

Phoenix in Arizona is the state capital and one of the largest cities in the United States of America. Phoenix has a rich history and culture and is also one of the most financially steady and well developed cities in the nation.

What to do in Phoenix, Arizona

When traveling to Phoenix, there are an abundant amount of things to do. When looking for a little fun and experience, exactly what your preferences are and who you will be traveling with will certainly be a few things you require to think about. Here are a couple of things I recommend for the next time you are in Phoenix.

If you have kids, or even if you do not, the Phoenix Zoo makes certain to please everybody who travels through their doors. With over 125 acres to walk through and 1,200 animals to look it, the Phoenix Zoo is among the youngest but most popular zoos in the country. Strategy to devote an entire day right here if your schedule allows. It is open every day consisting of vacations.

From Surprise to Apache Junction, the twenty distinct communities that make up the higher Phoenix, AZ location offer visitors everything from the slow-paced rural southwest to a dynamic college environment. Whether your interest is sports or archaeology, history or hiking, cycling, horseback riding, or bird viewing Phoenix provides something for everyone not wishing to endeavor beyond the Valley of the Sun.

Enjoy hiking, cycling and horseback riding at the many location parks such as South Mountain, McDowell or Papago. And if essential southwest is your goal, explore Hohokam Indian ruins and participate in a simulated excavation at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center or pan for gold and tour a gold mine in Goldfield Ghost Town.

Many of the attractions in Phoenix are located in the downtown district, the heart of the city, where you will discover notable dining establishments, sporting places and shops. Other popular areas of the city consist of the business district, Old Phoenix, particularly around Heritage Square, and the Glendale area, which is home to numerous of the city’s major galleries and numerous well-preserved, historic structures. The Mesa area of Phoenix contains a number of shopping center, whereas Scottsdale boasts resorts and boutique. For home entertainment venues and a vibrant nightlife, be sure to visit Tempe, where you will not be dissatisfied.

There is great shopping in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ too

One reason individuals flock to Phoenix and surrounding locations is the world-class shopping that is offered right here. Whether you are searching for exceptional dining or shopping, Phoenix has everything. If you are trying to find terrific natural, locally grown food, among the best places to shop is the Downtown Phoenix Public Market. Showcasing food, art, and music that is produced by the individual selling it, you can eat well and feel great understanding that you are supporting regional farmers and producers of items. At this market you can discover varied items such as fresh crackers and biscotti, pecans, pistachios, root beer, fresh eggs, peaches, heirloom squash, Armenian cucumbers, salad greens, Dragon Tongue beans, Kaleidoscope carrots, figs and glorious flowers, along with plants that you can take home and grow in your very own yard.

With many extensive malls, which constantly feature air conditioning, Phoenix is the ideal city for those who enjoy shopping. All kinds of shops are well stood for right here, varying from store and outlet store, to fashion boutiques and independent sellers. Numerous of the city’s primary stores are focused in the Biltmore and Scottsdale districts.

Renting a home in Arizona is a great way to vacation

Phoenix, Arizona Getaway Rental Homes come in various sizes and locations. Phoenix is regarded as the golfing capital of the World and golf lovers can rent homes to enjoy crucial tournament s or unlimited rounds of golf.

Condos are popular vacation leasings in Phoenix. Condominiums are fitted with all utilities and features. They are located near places of interest and greens. Condos near golf courses likewise offer the tourist prearranged golfing opportunities. For little families or visitors who prefer an intimate escape log cabins are available for rent. They are examples of rustic luxury. All amenities are provided in a rural atmosphere.

There are some very remarkable towns and cities to see in Arizona like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Tombstone, Sedona and so lots of other interesting locations to see. Go to Arizona for a memorable Vacation.